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Buddha Teas

Welcome to Buddha Teas

We offer "CBD Teas" and "Non-CBD Teas," located at two different websites

Our CBDTea.net site offers a variety of delicious, effective CBD products.

On our BuddhaTeas.com site, you will find a huge selection of unadulterated teas that include single herb, exclusive blends, as well as caffeinated black, green, and white teas.

Buddha Teas believes that a proper cup of tea provides a nourishing experience that satisfies the soul while pleasing the senses. We strive to deliver a delightful and vast array of additive-free options, which includes herbal, green, white, and black teas, as well as exclusive blends. Our mission is to supply our tea drinkers with the highest quality teas available, while maintaining an affordable price point. In this way, we can offer everyone who seeks a truly excellent cup of tea the experience they desire.